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Our Mission


The goal of this Association is to develop and promote the growth of lacrosse.  Further, the aim is to advance leadership in all areas of lacrosse.

We work to promote competitive box lacrosse in Western New York, primarily in the territories of the Haudenosaunee but also in non-Native American communities in the region. We do this through the organization of a league. Each team in our league plays each other at every available age group two times per season to determine which teams will then compete in the playoffs for the championship.



Bringing you quality box lacrosse for the past fifteen years:
The North American Minor Lacrosse Association (NAMLA) was founded in 2004 to represent the Native communities in the region.  The association has operated with an open door allowing new organizations to join and be a part of the league.
New teams are accepted into the organization every year at our Association General Meeting in October. If you are part of an organization that is interested in being a part of NAMLA please contact the secretary of the association for details.

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Monthly Meetings:
7027 Meadville Road
Basom, NY 14013